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Important: Keep an Up-To-Date Farm Inventory List

By November 30, 2022Farm, Insurance, Inventory, List

We wanted to reach out to individuals with farm policies regarding something we’ve sadly seen happen again and again…not having an up-to-date farm inventory list in the event that something like a tornado, a fire, or any other major disaster happens. 

If you don’t have an up-to-date farm inventory list, or if you haven’t updated an old paper one in years, we’ve created an easy way for you to keep track. Check out our Farm Insurance page on our website for a PDF file with a list created just for you. Once you’ve updated that list, you can send it back to us to keep on file as well for you to have. Be sure to also check out the interactive graphic found on our website to learn more about the right coverage for you!

We hope this email helps to better serve you as that is our goal. If you have questions about what to document—or how you can best protect your farm, let us know!