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Child Life Insurance

Learn about child life insurance to help you decide if you need this coverage for your family.

Child life insurance tailored to your needs.

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While life insurance is usually associated with breadwinners, there are some good reasons to get it for a child. But, it’s very much a case-by-case product, so it’s worth getting advice to see if it’s valuable for you to get an insurance policy.

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What does this type of policy cover?

It is usually a whole life policy that starts much earlier in life than usual. Coverage may include funeral costs, counseling, and leave from work in the tragic event that your child passes away. These are costs that might otherwise create financial difficulties for you as a parent.

Is this policy an option for you?

How relevant and significant these benefits are will depend on your financial circumstances, your other savings and investments, and your attitude toward risk.

Policies may be used as a form of savings.

This policy may act as a form of savings, particularly for college fees. This allows you to build up a cash reserve that you can either withdraw (for a fee) or use as security on a loan. In most cases, the growth of this cash reserve is at a guaranteed rate but depends on the specifics of your policy.

Makes transitioning life insurance easier.

Starting an insurance policy now reduces the risk of your child having trouble getting a life insurance policy themselves as an adult if they’ve developed a medical condition in the meantime. It may also offer perks such as discounts or the ability to get coverage without a medical exam.

Want to discuss the specifics of a child life insurance policy? Contact us to go over your needs and coverage options.

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